How to Start a Poultry farm that keeps you smiling to the bank! 


Agriculture, which has previously been ignored by the Nigerian government and Nigerians is currently the rave of the moment, it is the way out of the current economic strangulation bedeviling the nation.

Poultry farming, an important aspect of Agriculture is a very feasible, profitable and viable business provided the management and bio-security practices are well adhered to.

Today, we shall dive into the nitty-gritty of starting a successful poultry farm.

There are different forms of poultry farming, we have the chicken, quail, duck, turkey, pigeon, guinea fowl, muscovy duck, geese and the most recent of them all; ostrich farming, which is fast gaining popularity in the poultry domestication business!

We shall limit ourselves to the chicken poultry, which being the most-known can serve as a template for all others.

The most pertinent question you need to ask when you are about to embark on the journey of poultry farming is…

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