love is so complicated 

It makes me frustrated 

But with you everything is right 

I thought finally you will be mine 
He owns you now, I understand 

It’s easier I guess, you can hold onto him

You’re happy now but I am not

I know without you I’ll lose a lot
I tried to steal your heart from him

But your affection towards him pins you back

As if I knew it won’t last long 

Now the heart goes where it belongs
One more hug, one more kiss 

All I need to leave in peace 

Your laugh, your hair, your smiling face

I have the flair but it turns a mirage 
Love  in your eyes👀 and 🔓 open mind

Stay tuned and let’s share 🍷 wine

I will love 😍 you till the end 🔚 of time ⌚ 

Renew your yes,  let’s make it divine. 

I see in you my dearly wife. 




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